January Days

Wanderings, On The First Week of January

Wow, it is hard to believe that the first week of January has officially passed! To me, it seems like this new year is flying by at the speed of light for some reason! Does it feel like that to anyone else? Oh sweet time, please slow down for me just a little bit…♥

1.6.2018 – The Perfect Kind of Saturday Morning & Future Adventures

This past week, it was incredibly cold in Dallas – with the temperatures ranging in the 20s and 30s. As many of you know, my boys and I absolutely love being outside, so not being able to be out, or being able to explore new adventures, was killer. When the weekend finally came around, we experienced a very delightful Saturday. The weather got up to the 60s and we were able to explore a new disc golf course around the neighborhood. Prior to meeting my handsome, I honestly had no idea what disc golf was. After spending more and more time with him, I learned to appreciate and love a lot of his personal hobbies. My handsome and my sweet Jimmy really are like energized bunnies, so we are constantly on the go – always. It is incredibly hard for me to think about what life was like without my two boys…I honestly cannot even imagine it. The photographs below provide only a little bit of what my life is like with them, but in reality, it is so much better and I would never want to miss a single moment ♥

Jimmy & Jonathan
Those Perfect Disc Golf Days ♥
Jimmy 6.6.2018
Sweet Jimmy Watching Some Disc ♥

With my handsome having two jobs, it is hard for us to be out all day during the weekend (as much as I would like to at least lol), but we try to dedicate all of the time we have off to each other, our family, and to our passions and hobbies. Now that 2018 has arrived, my handsome and I have been talking about what two places we would like to visit this year. With our full time jobs, it is a little bit more complicated to take time off, but we have been trying to coordinate our schedules as best as possible and we have decided to take two trips this year – in July and September (our birthday months). Our hearts yearn for adventure, so we promised ourselves that we would travel as often as we could, and if possible, every year. We have not made a complete decision on where we will be traveling in September, since I have two places I really want to visit, but for July I am beyond excited to announce that we will be traveling to Yellowstone National Park & Glacier National Park! For those of you who are not entirely sure where those two places are, Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming (but also spreads to parts of Montana and Idaho), while Glacier National Park is in Montana. We are planning on staying in a cozy cabin and doing some much needed hiking while we are there, but we are still researching on what our itinerary will look like and what main attractions we will be visiting. I promise we will keep you all updated as soon as we know what the game plan will be – as well as where we will be going in September ♥ 

Glacier NP
Glacier National Park ♥
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park ♥

1.7.2018 – Sunday Fundays? Well Mostly A Relaxful Kind of Sunday

Sunday evenings are normally date nights for my handsome and I, but lately they have been very relaxing – which I have been absolutely loving! With the weather being all cold and gloomy in Dallas (aka a true winter has arrived upon us), we have been spending a lot of time at the cozy comfort of our home. Every Sunday morning, after my handsome goes to work, I take Jimmy to his obedience class and afterwards I attend either a Yoga or Pilates class. After joining Sunstone Fitness, I have been loving my workouts with either Yoga, Pilates, or Barre classes. It has been such an amazing journey for me so far, that it truly has been life changing. This 2018, I have really been looking forward to expanding my fitness routine, as well as expanding my knowledge. As my handsome and I also make our way back to the gym, I will dedicate a future blog post to our fitness routine, as well as to my yoga and pilates training ♥

Yoga Class - 6.6.2018
Yoga Mornings ♥

As Sunday comes to an end, there is always a new week and new adventures that lie ahead. I must say, I truly cannot wait. It is now time for movie night with my handsome, so I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Until next time, my wandering souls…♥

With love,

Jackie ♥

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