About The Wanderer

For many years, my heart has yearn for adventure. From the magical mountains, to the breathtaking deep blue oceans, and to any and all mystical places around the world, you can most definitely believe I will absolutely love. Now, who is Jackie? Who is this Wandering Soul? I invite you to read along and take a journey into my world. With a corporate full time job, maintaing a flexible schedule to get studying and a fitness routine in, while juggling a very hyper puppy, family time, and a social life, it may seem like it’s almost impossible to keep up with a blog. Despite it all, one of my passions in life has always been writing and I honestly cannot be more excited to invite all of you into this magical journey with me. I will try my very best to update as much as possible, post endless photographs for your entertainment, and make sure that the blog is not only enjoyable, but also serves as a learning and helping guide in many aspects in life.

It is my greatest pleasure for all of you to join me on this journey in life, so please feel free to add me on social media (links on the home page), email me, message me, or simply comment on the blog. Thank you very much for reading my blog, I love you all, you wandering souls…

❤︎ Jackie