Hello Sweet Summer!

Summer, Oh Lovely Summer!

Ladies and gentleman, we are officially back! I cannot believe it has been almost five months since I last wrote! I promise you all, my heart and soul really missed it! It has been a crazy past couple of months for us, I have so much to write and say, but there will be plenty of time for all of that. Now that we are officially back, I cannot wait to fill you in on all of our adventures and future plans! With that being said, let’s get this show on the road! ♥

≈ Late January Through April ≈

Yoga. Yes, YOGA. During late January through April, my time was primarily consumed by my full time job and never-ending yoga. I embarked in a yoga journey that changed my life, forever. I have so many fond memories, I made so many genuine friendships, met so many kind souls, and discovered things about myself that I never knew were within me. If you have ever been interested in doing yoga, do it. Follow your heart and just do it! I promise it will change your life, for the better. With my fellow yogi sisters slowly getting to teach their own classes, even more yoga awaits and I cannot be more ecstatic!

Not only has yoga become a big part of my life – to the point where I even have my own yoga Instagram (yes, you heard right, my own yoga Instagram!) where I get to share my personal yoga journey, feelings, and everything in between! If you ever want to check it out, or if you are ever bored (lol), go take a peek → @sincerelythewanderingsoul. I try my best to update as much as possible, join in on some fun challenges, and simply just meet awesome new yogis along the way! ♥

≈May Through Early June ≈

Now that my intense yoga training has concluded, I get to spend a lot more time with my boys. This summer, we have really been into hiking and running! We have been exploring our neighborhood and found some really awesome trails near by. With Texas and its insane temperatures (high 90s, almost 100s, crazy with it only being June), we try to go hiking and running very early in the mornings (primarily during the weekends), so that it does not get too hot for Jimmy. With my handsome being a runner, primarily a marathon runner (yes, as in running a full marathon – 26.2 miles!), he has really inspired me to become even more active. Even though he is a lot more athletic than I am, I still try to keep up with him and all of his hobbies – running, tennis, disc golf, football, oh the list goes on! I truly enjoy spending time with my boys, as well as being their personal photographer (lol), so no matter what we may be doing, I am most definitely the happiest person in the world by being with them ♥

With Summer being upon us, I honestly cannot wait to share with you the trip we have planned for next month, so stay tuned! Also, now that we are officially back, I will be updating more often and will be sharing more exciting news that awaits! Tomorrow, I will be writing about our Magnolia adventure we took during Memorial Day Weekend, so remember to check back! Thank you very much for reading, I love you all, my wandering souls..♥

With love,





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