Summer Lovin’

Wedding Season & Other Summer Shenanigans 

Texas, why must you be so hot?! I will admit, I love summer, but it is entirely too hot here in Texas. Even though summer is barely upon us, we are already in the triple digits! Why Texas, WHY?! On a more positive note, July has officially arrived and my handsome and I could not be more stoked for the new adventure that lays ahead…♥

June 2018

As we kick off our summer, June was filled with adventures almost every weekend. My handsome and I decided a trip to the Boho Market was much needed, even with this crazy heat. If you know me personally, or follow my Instagram, you already know that I am a huge supporter of our local artisans and farmers. I love shopping small and one of my favorite vendors at the Boho Market include (but are not limited to): The Soulful Gypsy, Hippie Alice, Doggy Bag Treats (because our puppies need some much needed shopping as well lol), To The Moon Bus, Wyld Poppy, and the list goes on! I could name all of my favorite vendors, but there are seriously so many! Every vendor is so unique in their own way, that it is honestly difficult to not love them all. One of the vendors that I would like to recognize, because he touched my heart in a very special way, was a wild flower vendor. This vendor was giving away flowers, in exchange for what you believe they were worth – “pick what you want, pay what you want.” As he narrated his story about how the little shop came to be, I was seriously in awe. It is the little things that can have the most impact and meaning in life…♥

The following weekend, after the Boho Market, Danny and the rest of the kiddos were officially out for summer break (yay)! I decided to take the kiddos to Six Flags, in honor of them graduating from middle school and moving onto high school this upcoming fall. But wait a second, where has the time gone?! I cannot believe my little Danny will be officially a freshman next year! Can we slow down time, just for a little bit? The really neat thing is that he will be playing high school football, in the high school I attended (Hebron High), so my Friday nights will consist of Friday night lights once more! Woohoo! I’ll admit, there is something about football that I just love….hmmmm, I suppose I must say thank you, my handsome, for the knowledge and inspiration ♥ As far as Six Flags goes, I will be honest, I cannot do roller coasters. I suppose my fear of roller coasters came to be from the time my parents took my brother and I to Disney World. I believe I may have been too young to have ridden some of the rides we rode that year, so my fear of certain rides will probably always haunt me, even till the end of my days lol. As the boys enjoyed themselves, I could not help but just admire them from afar. They had the best time and it certainly was a day for the books…♥

As the month of June came to an end, we ended the month with a fairy tale wedding. My long time friend, and colleague, Jonathan, was finally getting married! After 12 long years of dating (yes, 12 years!), Jonathan was finally marrying his best friend, Bria. Not everyone gets that luckily – meeting in middle school and dating all throughout high school and college, then finally marrying after so many years. I feel very thankful to have shared such a special moment in their lives and cannot wait to see their little family grow. Weddings are incredibly magical and I cannot wait for that special day to one day be mine…♥

As we enter the month of July, a new (much awaited) adventure lays ahead. July is a very special month for me, because of some very special birthdays, as well as our annual summer trip taking place within the month! We have a very magical place awaiting us toward the end of the month and I cannot be more excited to share it with you all. Aside from our adventures, I have also been thinking of sharing a bit more of my yoga journey, as well as my fashion journey. I have always been a lover of fashion and sharing a bit more of my passions with you all would be a dream come true. It’s time to finish watching The Office with my handsome (yes, we are officially addicted), so bye-bye for now and until next time, my wandering souls…

With Love,



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