She Wants Magnolia…♥

Waco And All Its Wonder

My handsome and I had been planning to visit Waco for a little while now. We had previously visited Waco a while back, but had only planned a stop by the Czech Stop and Little Czech Bakery for their infamous kolaches that my handsome had raved about for months! I must admit, he was absolutely right. Because of those delicious pastries, it motivated us to explore Waco even more. As Memorial Day weekend approached, I begged my handsome for a mini road trip. After previously speaking with a couple of my coworkers about Magnolia Market, I knew it was the perfect destination for our little road trip…♥

We left a little after 11 a.m. on Monday morning. We had planned to leave earlier, but the day before we had taken a trip to Winstar Casino in Oklahoma, so we were a little bit tired from that drive, but that did not stop us from our much awaited Waco trip. Before heading on the road, we made a quick stop at Starbucks (for some much needed coffee) and Chick-Fil-A (for some quick yummy breakfast). After about a two hour drive, and some car singing and dancing in between, we arrived at our destination…Magnolia ♥

Magnolia, it was truly dreamy. Every single thing in sight was just beautiful. I really wanted to buy everything, but it would have done some significant damage to my bank account lol. After exploring Magnolia Market with my handsome, we ended up buying a couple of goodies from the Market itself, some cupcakes from Silos Baking Co., and a few succulents from the Magnolia Seed + Supply. I’m still working on my green thumb, so I’m trying to be very cautious with my new babies since they made a very special trip back home. ♥

After our Magnolia adventure, we decided to head over to the Dr. Pepper Museum. I will be honest, I had higher expectations, but regardless it was still a lot of fun! After concluding our museum trip, we decided to do a bit of hiking…because of course, we love to hike! We headed down to Cameron Park and explored some of its trails. The view was absolutely breathtaking! My handsome and I are still stoked about all of the awesome trails this park has to offer. Yes, we will most definitely be going back and will be spending an entire day doing nothing but hiking….♥

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Waco, please do so! It really is a cute city worth visiting! My handsome and I are really looking forward to going back in the near future, primarily for hiking and kayaking through the Brazos River. I suppose our adventurous, wandering souls will forever seek adventure…no matter where it may be. As July also approaches, so does a brand new adventure. My heart has been patiently waiting for the trip that awaits us in July…do not worry loves, I promise to fill you all in as the time gets near…♥

With love,


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